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10 Hours In-Car Driving Lessons

Learn essential driving skills through our 10-hour In-Car Driving Lessons delivered by the best instructors in Hamilton. Our customized lessons will build your confidence to drive safely and independently.

Online Driving Course

Get beginner driving lessons through an MTO-approved course with the convenience of self-directed digital e-learning. Receive 10 hours of digital homework links and in-car driving lessons.

Refresher Driving Lessons

Re-educate yourself and get the confidence you need to be on the road with our refresher driving lessons. Polish your clutch control and maneuver skills with 20 hours of theory and 10-hour in-car lessons.

Private In-Car Driving Lessons

Learn all you need before your MTO test through our private in-car driving lessons. Clear your test easily and become an independent driver. With an amazing payment plan and custom courses, you’ll become a licensed driver in no time.