Driving Classroom - 10

10 Hours In-Car Driving Lessons

  • Exclusive 1-on-1 driving instruction
  • Highly experienced male or female driving instructors
  • Pick-up and drop-off at a convenient location for you

Class highlights:

  • Basic driving manoeuvres
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Emergency observation
  • Collision avoidance techniques
  • Driving through intersections
  • Turning and changing lanes
  • City and country road driving
  • Highway and freeway driving
  • Parking manoeuvres
  • Road test preparation

Driving Classroom - 20

20 Hours Classroom Driving Instruction

  • Unique and interactive curriculum approved by MTO
  • Classes are interesting, fun and informative
  • Flexible class schedules: weekday evenings, weekends, and four consecutive day courses

Class highlights:

  • Traffic laws and regulations
  • Manoeuvre your vehicle safely
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • City and country road driving
  • Highway and freeway driving
  • Driving at night and in bad weather
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Consequences of impaired driving
  • Reducing accidents and injuries
  • Buying and maintaining your vehicle

Driving Refresher

Driving Course and Refresher Driving Lessons MTO-Approved Beginner Driver Education Course

  • We provide MTO-approved and insurance company recognized Beginner Driver Education Courses.
  • Upon completion, you may reduce the regular one-year wait time between G1 and G2 tests to eight months.
  • A maximum auto insurance discount can be obtained with the MTO-issued certificate.
  • Driving course consists of 20 hours theory with independent homework, and 10 hours driving lessons.

Independent Homework

10 Hours Independent Homework Assignments

Private In-Car Driving Lessons

• G2 or G road test preparation and car rental is available for road test
• Refresher driving lessons to upgrade your driving skills